A list of all our Departments


The Obstetric department at Venus hospital ensures that every expectant mother (ante-natal) receives the best possible care to meet the needs of both mother and baby. The department is also designed to offer highly skilled services on postnatal and family planning procedures.

Through a team of dedicated medical professionals, the department provides medical care and psychological support for every woman during her pregnancy and in the delivery of her baby. Our comfortable labour and delivery suites are equipped with the latest technology in order to provide every mother’s needs and to ensure that all babies born at Venus Hospital have the best start in life.


Minimally Invasive Surgery:

With the advancement of surgical equipment and with a team of well-trained surgeons, GIH has done hundreds of minimally invasive surgeries of abdomen. With this facility, there is less pain, early mobility and less chances of infections and complications.

Hepato Pancreatico Biliary and Gastro Surgery:

Be it simple diseases or complicated tumors of liver, pancreas or the biliary tract, our experienced team of surgeons would take an extra step for the best possible outcome.

Bariatric Surgery:

A newer specialty in surgery that deals with surgical intervention to decrease the weight of people who can’t do it the hard way. Grande International Hospital is one of the first hospitals to start this facility.

Breast and Thoracic Surgery:

Diseases of Breast and Chest which need surgery are tackled by a team of surgeons who specialize in this. Be it cancer or easy lumps and bumps, the quality of care is never compromised for the best possible outcome.


The department is fully equipped to treat a variety of Kidney Related Diseases. Management of Acute and Chronic Renal Failure and other Kidney Disorders

• Management of early stages of Renal Impairment and planning and preparing for Renal Replacement Therapy, Renal Dialysis and Transplantation
• Follow up for cases of Kidney Transplantations
• Management of Primary (essential) Hypertension and its Renal Complications
• Management of Secondary (Renal) Hypertension


Pediatrics at Venus hospital offers tertiary care in various paediatric specialities right from the birth to adolescence. It combines the latest health facilities, utmost hygiene standards, eminent experts with years of experience and expertise to their credit. The best feature is their warm and pleasant behaviour -the key factor that assumes a whole new importance when it comes to children-related treatment.

The special emphasis is on avoiding unnecessary medicines and preserving minimum medicines, which are absolutely necessary and appropriate for a particular disease. The department’s activities are further strengthened by a team of qualified & devoted nurses. These nurses are specially trained to look after new born babies and children.